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+44 12 45 7878 996


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At Mercersburg, you will be expected to embrace the concept then this you.

At Mercersburg, you will be expected to embrace the concept of community by living among your peers who will herald from across the country and around the globe. They will challenge you to consider perspectives that are different from your own while becoming lifelong friends who will inspire you to be your authentic self in everything you do.

One hundred twenty-five years ago, Dr. William Mann Irvine set forth a vision for Mercersburg Academy that was rooted in the importance of character and community. Today’s school embodies those values in a way that I have never seen before in any high school. The culture of Mercersburg is kind and accepting. If you want to be exposed to an incredible breadth of programs, be challenged in your endeavors both in and outside of the classroom, and feel welcomed and a part of something bigger than yourself, then this is the place for you.

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