Choosing A Good High School In Yaounde

Choosing A Good High School In Yaounde

In addition to the efforts made by a student, his public examinations will also depends on the choice of the high school he/she will attend. So how do you choose a good high school in Yaounde?

This article gives some best advice to guide your choice. Focus!

Performance of the institution: essential criterion

Obviously, a number of criteria must go into the decision-making process when it comes to choosing your high school. In this regard, the performance of the given institution is paramount.

To do this, it is necessary to observe with a magnifying glass the success rate as well as the grades obtained by the students of the coveted high school. However, it is also good to note that if some institutions have a good result, it is usually because they are too demanding, in particular on the selection in terms of the level of the students admitted. In addition, some high schools exclude those who have bad grades at the end of the previous school year. However, being pushed aside can harm a student’s self-confidence to the point of demotivating him.

The solution to evaluate the true performance of an establishment is therefore to observe its added value under the magnifying glass. The latter refers to the ability of a school to help its students achieve better results by pulling them up. A good high school is committed to supporting students in a more personalized way throughout the school year. This can therefore be verified by the rate of access to the GCE A-levels.

Choose a high school according to the student’s profile

It is not uncommon to come across students who see their averages drop when they arrive in high school, when they left college with very good grades.

Why? One hand, it could be due to the environment and the teaching staff and on the other hand, it could be due to the student own way of learning and his ability to withstand a selective and competitive environment.

Take into account the various series offered by the institution

It is very important to take into account the courses offered by the coveted high school and to check if this corresponds to your orientation and career path. At the same time, it is appropriate to examine the educational project of the establishment. Regarding the options, the offers may differ from one high school to another. Some options may be more attractive for some students and may help them to better orient themselves with regard to the choice of post-baccalaureate studies.

Choose the high school where your classmates will go

When it comes to selecting your high school, it may be wise to take into account the choice of your classmates. Indeed, friends play a very important role in order to feel good in high school.

For some reason: the transition from secondary to high school could be a complicated time for some students. In this case, being surrounded by friends helps a lot to get through this difficult stage better.

On the other hand, not having people you know and like can be destabilizing for some teenagers. This element is therefore not to be taken lightly, especially if it is a high school that is not in its neighborhood.

Daily travel time: a detail not to be overlooked

For many students, entering high school can seem challenging. Indeed, with the rhythms which accelerate, the expectations which increase and the workload which becomes important, they can have great difficulties in adapting to it.

In this case, to avoid aggravating the situation, it may be preferable to choose a high school that is as close as possible to your home. This minimizes the fatigue that can be caused by transport and running on time. It should also be known that exhaustion can be a factor favoring the decline in academic performance.

Other details not to be taken lightly

The lessons given in class are not enough to help students succeed in their studies in high school. They must find other media that will help them better assimilate the lessons. In this way, an institution without a documentation and information center should be banned.

Teenagers should also benefit from a computer room with free access. Language labs , gymnasium and more are all things to consider when choosing a good high school.

In addition, the establishment that a student attends must be a place where he will truly flourish.

Since this is so, it may be wise to dwell on the extracurricular activities it offers. Last but not least, who says good teachers says good high school. It is therefore important to seek the opinion of parents with students in the coveted high school regarding the professionalism of the latter.

Public school or private school?

The public high school and the private high school are different in many ways. In general, private schools provide more personalized support for each student.

In addition, the attendance of teachers is guaranteed in a private establishment. This is the reason why the success of the private high school is gradually increasing, and why this type of school tends to monopolize the top of the ranking of the best high schools in Cameroon.

But some public high schools also show good academic results. Some even have much better results than those of private institutions. As a result, there is no exact answer when it comes to choosing between private and public high schools. It’s all about the child’s profile and personality.

If they require a more personalized support, then the private establishment is to be preferred. On the other hand, if they are able to move forward by studying with many students, a public school will do the trick .

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